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CE Safe Browser Browser with protection against malicious scripts, thus increasing the security level on your computer.
Size: 8.8 MB
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security cookie malware detection navigate security level  
Pre Safe Browser Block porn and restricted URLs.
Size: 1.46MB
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search porn porn porn blocker restricted programs  
Kid Safe Browser A FREE Internet filter and parental control software that also has an educational component
Size: 8.8 MB
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parental control Browser children Kid Browser TUKI browser  
Safe Exam Browser Carry out online-exams safely with your Windows machine.
Size: 19.39MB
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online exam safe browser Webbrowser Maker  
SmyleSafe Kids Safe Browser SmyleSafe is a safe browser for kids that blocks adults and hate websites based on parent's preferences. Parents can also create time control, block applications and create custom blacklist or whiteli
Size: 2.2 MB
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Hekko Kid-Safe Browser Allows your child to surf only the sites that you preselect. Follow the easy, step-by-step instructions and then begin to select the websites that you want your child to visit.
Size: info
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kid games kids control control kids kids activities  

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weNetOK This tool provides safe Internet browsing for classrooms, youth centers, and homes
Size: 2.6 MB
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Browser browse networked classrooms internet browser safe  
Tweens Browser The first fully secured environment for Tweens online.
Size: 5.7 MB
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Browser browse children safe browser Children Browser  
NetDino - Internet for Kids First real child-safe Internet browser for your child. Safe through latest server technology and sophisticated safety settings! Games, knowledge, learning and much more. Everything up-to-date and safe
Size: 4369K
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Internet child safety child hacker safe child screensaver  
TUKI Scout Kid Safe Browser Keep your children safe online with our Kid Safe Internet Browser.
Size: 10.38MB
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hacker safe safe safe browser Children Browser Kid Browser  
ID Secure Browser A web-browser that provides advanced security
Size: 1.2MB
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viewer Browser cleaner browser name secure browser  
Online TV Player + One Year Update Browser Hijack Recover(BHR) is a safe and easy-to-use tool that recovers your browser after it has been hijacked by Spyware,...
Size: 1.68 MB
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safe browser browser tool Child-Safe Browser hijacked  

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Internet Safe For Kids Web Browser Internet safe For Kids Web Browser is a secure Internet browser designed to provide a safe navigating environment for children. Internet Safe For Kids Web Browser enables parents to configure a list o...
Size: 4 KB
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Browser browse children secure browser safe browser  
SafeFox From safeFox : SafeFox is based on FireFox, is a free, fast, secure and safe browser. is an organization cares about internet safety and security. The mission of SafeFox is to provide safe...
Size: 7.0M
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firefox based  
Plus Browser +Plus Browser is fast, safe, secure and reliable browser and it's free for all time. Anyone can download for any operating system. +Plus Browser is easy to use.
Size: 307.44K
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Cerberus Browser Cerberus is a unique, safe content Internet browser built around Google's Safe Search technology and available free from Precipice Software. Safe Search utilizes the power of Google's directory to cla...
Size: 834.77K
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safe browser google rank internet power up CE Safe Browser  
Browser Optimizer Here is the official description for Browser Optimizer: EditBy [b]Browser Optimizer[/b] 2012 - Optimize your browser for fast & safe browsing. Features: 1.Remove all toolbars and Addons from your brow...
Size: 1.34MB
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optimizer startup optimizer photo optimizer safari browser  
Kid Browser Customizable kid safe browser from toddler to teen. Protect your kids from the internet and protect your computer for your kids at the same time. So simple parents can use it right out of the box. Kid...
Size: info
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restrict internet protect kids kids internet